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Water Damage Repair Fixes Effects of Worst Storms in Lafayette

1/12/2023 (Permalink)

Fallen tree on roof of home; damaged home Storms offer the opportunity for water to enter your home. SERVPRO is equipped to restore any damage your home incurs. Call us today!

Twisters, Wind, Rain? You Need Water Damage Repair

Lafayette's weather includes powerful storms, and many bring tornadoes and heavy wind. Afterward, many residential and commercial properties require water damage repair work.

SERVPRO is always nearby and quick to respond to property owners in Lafayette needing water damage repair. The rain associated with these storms can cause flooding of entire neighborhoods and isolated areas. We can handle repairing damage from the severest of storms.

Some of the damage that might escape detection by a homeowner involves:

  • Siding,
  • Roofing, and
  • Your home's foundation.

Any twisted or broken siding might allow water into your home, damage insulation, and allow vermin to enter. Sometimes, the wiring on the exterior of your house sits underneath your siding. Hiding wiring in this manner provides an uninterrupted look and gives wiring an additional layer of protection. Gaps in your siding can place hidden wiring at risk, increasing the possibility of a fire or electrical shock. Minor repairs now mean you won't need more expensive ones later.

Problems with your roof don't require a tree falling on it. High winds that carry debris can also cause problems. Small gaps can let in enormous amounts of rain, soaking your attic area and everything in it. Small spaces between shingles can allow ice dams to form. These heavy blocks of ice can ruin your roof, making the preventive steps we take now worth the investment.

Your foundation might sit below ground, out of your view when you are outside. However, look at the ground's saturation after a storm. Additional pressure is placed on your foundation walls if the soil stays soggy for a long time. Checking inside your basement for cracks, dampness, and signs of mold or mildew is a good idea because these indicate damage to your foundation.

We use heavy-duty tarps to cover any gaps within the siding or roof of your home. We clean and make minor repairs and work in tandem with highly qualified local contractors for extensive storm damage. When your basement is collecting water, we recommend the installation of a sump pump.

You can reach SERVPRO of Lafayette by calling (765) 420-0077. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

The Impacts of Flood Damage on Lafayette Properties

9/9/2022 (Permalink)

Storm damaged neighborhood; Fallen tree resting on powerline causing hazardous situation. Flooding causes hazards. Don’t go it alone – call SERVPRO. Our team is trained and equipped to safely dry and restore your home.

SERVPRO Helps Mitigate Damage from a Flood in Lafayette

Floods can strike in many ways, from strong storms to broken levees to snowmelt, and are difficult to predict. Therefore, most States always have some response plan, but it only covers some general aspects. When your Lafayette home is flooded, it is essential to determine its safety before rushing to begin the cleanup, as there can be unseen hazards.

Flood damage cleanup in Lafayette can be a tedious task, and you might get to a point where you realize the job is too big for one individual. Usually, there is more than just water to worry about as floodwaters ferry all the gross stuff. When they recede, they leave mud and silt behind in your home. SERVPRO has the necessary tools and supplies for the task. In this case, our crews use shovels or rakes to remove wet silt and debris, moving it safely away from your property.

Forms of Hazards:

  • Structural hazards
  • Electrical hazards
  • Biohazards

Floodwaters and strong winds can blow down power lines. Also, rushing water can erode the ground around buried utilities, thus causing breaks in gas mains. It is crucial to check for gas leaks outside your home and any dangling electrical wires.

Flood Repair

Restoration After a Flood May Require:

  • Removing damaged drywall
  • Removing flooring
  • Checking appliances
  • Moisture monitoring and control

The water causes varying degrees of damage depending on its severity affecting floors, walls, or contents such as furniture. Though they might be dry to the touch, they can harbor mold growth. A moisture meter is a great accessory as it helps detect dampness that cannot be visually observed. If the drywall has more than 10 square feet of water damage, SERVPRO technicians may have to cut the wet panels away. The cut is positioned a few inches above the visible water line. If the insulation behind is damp, we need to remove that, too.

Removing ceramic tile, laminate, sheet vinyl, and wood floors is necessary after flooding because moisture and silt collect underneath them, causing mold to grow. SERVPRO teams ensure that everything is clean and dry before installing new flooring.

SERVPRO of Lafayette provides cleanup after flood damage making it “Like it never even happened.” You can reach us at (765) 420-0077 for immediate cleaning.

Flood Damage Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Property in Lafayette

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Heavy rain hitting roof SERVPRO is the only call you will need to make to handle storm damage!

Worried About Flood Damage? Help Is on Standby

Heavier than average rainfall can leave our city covered in much water - enough to leave Lafayette homes inundated with flood damage. Quick action can help reduce the severity experienced, just as preparing for flooding with sandbags and moving valuable items from your home.

Our flood damage restoration team lives in Lafayette, so we know how destructive flooding and other disasters can impact our city. We are ready and able to help protect your property from sustaining additional damage by mitigating existing damage. The more rapidly we complete these tasks, the less cost our customers experience.

We at SERVPRO want to assure those with sustained, or possible, flood damage that we are always available to help prevent worsening problems by:

  • Removal of floodwater and contaminated debris,
  • Cleanup of the residence's interior, 
  • Drying out of the interior space, and
  • Preventative measures that reduce secondary damage.
  • Application of antimicrobial agents.

Pumping out water is much better than waiting for floodwaters to recede on their own. It also gives us additional time, a head start, for cleaning and mitigation work. As we do this, we remove any foreign matter – tree branches, garbage, soil, etc.

Rinsing durable surfaces with clean water lowers the amount of filth in your home. Soil, silt, microbes, organic matter, and other contaminants can retain moisture and odor-causing particles.

Using heat and forceful air movers, we work to reverse the moisture level back to normal. Drying the interior out might also include:

  • Removing water-retaining carpeting and padding.
  • Take floorboards outside to dry.
  • Monitoring and relocating drying equipment.

Opening enclosed spaces under cabinets or stairwells can help dry things out faster. Air scrubbers help reduce airborne contaminants, including mold and mildew.

These and other methods help us get things back under control, so your home becomes livable again. SERVPRO of Lafayette wants you to stay safe during any flooding incidents, and for help protecting your home and other property, call us at (765) 420-0077.

Flood Damage Information for Our Lafayette Neighbors

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Water/storm damaged room; drywall cut to expose studs for frying; flooring removed Sometimes our techs must remove drywall and flooring to thoroughly dry the structure.

Can I Stay in My Flooded Lafayette House?

After flood damage happens to your Lafayette home, continuing to live there might seem like your only financially available option. However, you should not do so with significant standing water and power outages. Not only can the smell become very offensive, but the amount of humidity can make it extremely uncomfortable. 

Another issue is that having a family living in a flood-damaged Lafayette home makes restoration more difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Even with the added expense of a hotel stay, such arrangements may remain more cost-effective. We work with families to stay within their insurance policy’s allowances while providing spectacular results.

Much of the work we do to combat the destruction left behind by flooding is of a physical nature. We get dirty, and because of this, we wear personal protective equipment (PPE). When we show up at your home, you might notice our PPE, such as:

  • Forearm-length gloves
  • Heavy-duty waterproof boots
  • Respiratory masks filter the air we breathe
  • Full Tyvek bodysuits protect our clothing and eliminate cross-contamination

Because we wear PPE, especially gloves, we can more easily cut away and tear off soggy building materials like:

  • Drywall sections
  • Wall paneling sheets
  • Carpeting, padding, and wood floor planks

Everything we do is to make the next step more efficient, including placing these materials into buckets and bags for carrying outside for their disposal.

Getting these out of your home reduces the time needed to circulate the air, deodorize the structure, dry everything, and perform these in tandem with trusted third-party contractors chosen for the physical reconstruction of your damaged home, including electrical, plumbing, and other services.

SERVPRO of Lafayette is always here to help with the restoration work required after flood damage happens to your residence. You can call our trained technicians at (765) 420-0077 24/7, year-round.

Key Factors of Drying Flood Damage in Lafayette Attics

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

Looking up at inside of attic Did spring storms cause water to enter your attic? SERVPRO of Lafayette is trained to restore water damaged attics.

Flood Damage in Lafayette Is Manageable with Migration Behavior Knowledge

Recovering your property after flood damage can often be challenging for even experienced professionals. Much of this process involves understanding the behavior of water intruding on the property and how it will react with exposed building materials, contents, and open areas. Training in sciences like psychrometry allows us to manage various aspects of flood recovery more efficiently, including:

  • Structure drying
  • Content cleaning
  • Humidity management

Sensitive Materials 

The first step in recovering flood damage for Lafayette homes after penetration to the attic is appreciating the sensitive materials around the intruding floodwater. Many building materials and contents are highly porous and absorbent, making them impacted significantly by standing water concerns. Drywall, carpets, and similar structural elements are sensitive to over-exposure and can deteriorate rapidly under these conditions.

Hot Goes to Cold 

Another principle of floodwater behavior is that warm temperatures and water will migrate towards colder conditions, which is an attempt to seek equilibrium in the household between these two properties. The temperature must be regulated to counteract flooding in damaged areas and adjacent spaces to stop moisture movement to new places.

Wet Goes to Dry

Another balancing principle of water migration is that wet seeks dry materials. Water continues to migrate until it is impossible. Standing water, for example, seeks out dry materials to infiltrate and move through. Our technicians can prepare and protect affected building materials with this knowledge as water damage begins to migrate before mitigation occurs.

Understanding the obstacles of water restoration and flood recovery can be critical to providing the most efficient solutions to protect a home’s attic and connected spaces. Flooding is a severe event that can impact multiple areas of your house, and with an understanding of how water moves through dry spaces, efficient mitigation and restoration can occur. Our SERVPRO of Lafayette team is ready to help 24/7 at (765) 420-0077.

Let SERVPRO Help with Flood Damage Restoration in Indian Village

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

Storm damaged neighborhood; trees down on road Spring storms are just around the corner. Are you ready? SERVPRO is! We can handle your storm damage restoration needs.

Can Homeowners Minimize Flood Damage to Homes in Indian Village – Call SERVPRO

Heavy rain can contribute to flooding in Indian Village and surrounding area. Often water penetrates homes through open windows, overflowing gutters and downspouts, and basement window wells that fill with water. Water can also pool around foundations and leak through cracks in the cement into the home.

SERVPRO provides flood damage remediation and restoration to residents of Indian Village. Water always seeks the most accessible entry point into our homes, and many homeowners are surprised to find water on the main floor or in their basement after a storm. Our team can respond quickly and clean up the damage caused by storms where water leaks into the house. Our fast response to remove the excess water and install air movers and dehumidifiers can return your home to normal before significant damage occurs.

There are steps that residents can follow to mitigate the risk of water penetrating their homes. Our experience dealing with flooding after a storm has shown that there are some things that residents can take to lessen the chances of water penetrating their homes during a storm. These steps are:

  • Clean gutters and downspouts filled with leaves and debris to prevent water from accumulating
  • moisture sensors in the basement to monitor water penetration
  • Install a sump pump, especially if you have a high-water table
  • Include a battery backup for the sump pump in case of power failures
  • Clear basement window wells and ensure drains to the weeping tile are clear
  • Elevate critical appliances such as heating systems, appliances, and other valuable items
  • Ensure the ground slopes away from the outside walls of your house to avoid water pooling at the foundation

While you may not avoid your basement flooding, following these steps can mitigate the amount of damage during a storm and flood event. SERVPRO can help with all your flood damage restoration needs after a storm.

Call SERVPRO of Lafayette in Indian Village and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (765) 420-0077.

Need Flood Damage Clean Up and Lafayette – Call SERVPRO

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Areal view of flooded area; houses under water Floods devastate property and damage important documents. Be sure to have copies of your important papers.

Does SERVPRO Coordinate Flood Damage Insurance Claims in Lafayette

A great deal of work is often required to clean up all the damage after a flood in Lafayette. Removal of damaged contents, controlled structure demolition, drying, and then restoration and even reconstruction in many cases. There is also the paperwork associated with claims to insurance companies and government agencies.

SERVPRO provides flood damage cleanup and flood restoration services to Lafayette clients for residential and commercial customers. We also work closely with insurance company adjusters to meet the terms of the insurance coverage and submit detailed paperwork covering all the cleanup efforts. We make it a lot less confusing for the customer.

Many clients ask what they could have done better to protect their homes and belongings. Our experience with flooded properties and buildings has demonstrated many steps homeowners and commercial customers can take to safeguard their most treasured possessions. Many of our customers wish they had thought to:

  • Move household valuables and treasured items to a protected space
  • Remove photos and videos, digitize them, and save them in the "Cloud"

Move essential documents to a dry location and take photocopies of them. These documents include:

  • Insurance coverage
  • ownership records
  • Property deeds
  • Financial information
  • Passports, birth certificates, health cards, credit cards, etc. medical records

Buy a watertight box to store these items and store them somewhere high in your home out of harm's way.

These actions will not avoid flood damage to your home, but life is much less stressful when clients can access these documents while putting their lives back together after a flood. Let SERVPRO focus on flood restoration and cleanup.

Call SERVPRO of Lafayette in Lafayette and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (765) 420-0077.

Need Flood Damage Restoration Done in Lafayette? Call SERVPRO

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

Water covering road; ‘Road Closed’ and ‘High Water’ sign in middle of street Floodwater can bring bacteria in you home. SERVPRO has the tools to safely remove the floodwater from your home.

SERVPRO Offers a Reliable and Fast Flood Damage Restoration to Lafayette Properties

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters that can cause extensive damage to your home. Professionals like SERVPRO can restore flood damage to your Lafayette property quickly, saving you money on expensive repairs. 

Contamination in the accumulated water is one of the most significant issues that SERVPRO techs must deal with during the restoration of flood damage to your Lafayette property. The presence of standing water can promote and sustain microbial growth; hence, restorers need to use chemical agents (biocides) for effective remediation of microbial contamination. In certain situations, professional water damage restoration products may help slow or control the growth of microbial contamination.

How do SERVPRO Techs Choose Which Biocide to Use During Flood Restoration of Your Lafayette Home?

SERVPRO techs use several chemical agents that kill a wide variety of fungi and bacteria encountered in any average flood situation in Lafayette. The choice of the biocide depends on the kind of contamination (bacterial or fungal) and floodwater conditions, such as pH.

SERVPRO techs use synthetic Phenolic disinfectants if the pH range is between 6-7. As these agents are incompatible with non-ionic and cationic detergents, they can be used only when anionic detergent is being used.

In situations where the pH of the floodwater is between 9-10 (basic), technicians often use quaternary ammonium compounds. These are good broad-spectrum disinfectants and are effective against bacteria, fungi as well as certain viruses.

The safest biocides are Botanicals that are made from natural components such as thyme oil and citric acid. Although these biocides are not as effective as chemical agents, they often have a better safety profile.

Call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077; our technicians are available round the clock to answer any of your questions.

What Can I Do to Protect My Lafayette Home from Flood Damage?

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Thunderstorm warning sign; dark clouds in background Storms and flooding can occur any time of the year. Call SERVPRO for all your storm damage restoration needs.

You Can Protect It from Flood Damage by Blocking Potential Water Entry Points, Etc.

Lafayette and the rest of the Midwest experience powerful storms and flooding rains each spring. These torrential rains overflow local waterways and ultimately flood nearby homes. To keep most of this stormwater from entering your residence, you must block potential water entry points and do a few other essential things.

SERVPRO, a flood damage remediator in Lafayette, asserts that it is possible to protect your home from rising floodwaters by taking appropriate actions. These actions mainly involve blocking, impeding, or diverting approaching waters from your property. Some of the specific measures you can take are:

  • Ensuring that drainage networks on your property are cleared, well-maintained, and able to effectively drain water away from your house
  • Repairing cracked and otherwise damaged foundations to seal potential entryways for incoming floodwaters that could cause basement flooding
  • Removing or trimming trees in your yard that could fall and potentially block water drainage away from your home
  • Sandbagging the perimeter of your land to divert approaching floodwaters around or away from your residence
  • Turning off your water and electric utilities to prevent them from contributing to further flood damage
  • Simply by taking these actions, local homeowners can better protect their homes and limit their need for biohazard remediation, water removal services, and water damage repairs.

With all that said, if you ever do need flood damage remediation services, remember that your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Lafayette are always ready to assist you. Regardless of whether you need biohazard remediation, sewage cleanup, water removal, or emergency water damage services, we are here to answer your call at (765) 420-0077.

Getting Water Removal Started Fast for Flooded Lafayette Shops

8/3/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded street; water in yards Summer storms can bring flooding. Our IICRC team is equipped to repair any damage.

Quick Storm Response Can Protect Our Lafayette Shops and Stores from Greater Harm

Flash flooding and other rapidly developing storm conditions can leave stores and shops through bustling Lafayette contending with substantial flood damage. Our fast response to these emergencies can get mitigation efforts started as soon as possible. 

Initial Actions that Must Precede Water Removal Services

With how rapidly flood damage in Lafayette businesses can get out of control, shops and stores should immediately seek professional assistance for extraction and cleaning. Specific actions must precede the water removal process, especially in retail locations, such as content relocation. Protecting your stock and wares is a priority of our responding team because a complete inventory loss can be devastating to a business. 

The Right Extraction Tools for the Job

Eliminating standing water can be a considerable undertaking for responding technicians, depending on the amount of the building affected. Understanding how conditions vary and the appropriate tools for specific circumstances allow our experienced SERVPRO team to provide the ideal extraction equipment in any given situation. Our Green Fleet arrives with many powerful machines capable of prolonged water removal or portable spot extractions. 

  • Trash pumps
  • Truck-mount extractors
  • Light wands
  • Carpet wands
  • Wet vacuums

When your business suffers flood damage, there is more at stake than the building. Let our SERVPRO of Lafayette team help you get back up and running after these disasters. We are ready to help at (765) 420-0077. 

SERVPRO Offers Premier Flood Damage Restoration Services to Lafayette Residents

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

Floodwater in home Floodwater contains contaminants. Don’t go it alone. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to safely remove the water.

Lafayette Residents Turn to SERVPRO After Flood Damage to Their Homes

Flood damage to your Lafayette home can bring with it a scene of destruction that can be overwhelming for any homeowner to witness. SERVPRO's flood restoration experts, with their experience and expertise, are right by your side to help you in these difficult times.

Among the first things that SERVPRO suggests you do after flood damage to your Lafayette home is ensuring your family's safety. Leave the water damage restoration to our flood restoration experts; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. One of the primary issues to be wary about after a flooding incidence in Lafayette is the level of contamination in the floodwater.

SERVPRO experts need to employ different strategies to deal with contamination in floodwater after a storm. A successful restoration effort is contingent on understanding the types and levels of contamination during water cleanup after a flood.

Types of floodwaters found in Lafayette homes during flood restoration by SERVPRO.

SERVPRO restoration experts deal with different types of floodwaters after a storm incidence in Lafayette.

  • Clean water-It is the least contaminated floodwater and does not pose any immediate health hazard. However, it can get contaminated in as little as 48 hours if not removed during the flood restoration. Typically, this is from plumbing or appliance malfunctions.
  • Gray water-Contains microbial contamination and occurs if floodwater mixes with broken sewer lines. It poses a health risk, and SERVPRO techs eliminate it using proper precautions during water damage repairs. 
  • Black water-Often seen in city-wide flooding and might contain raw sewage, human waste, and chemicals. It includes dangerous harmful bacteria levels, and SERVPRO does not clean and disinfect items such as carpets, pads, and walls affected by black water. These items need discarding.

Call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 for a 24/7 service regarding any water issue.

Professional Flood Restoration and Stormwater Extraction in Lafayette

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

Heavy rain on roof Do you know how to restore storm water damage? SERVPRO does! We are ready and equipped to restore Lafayette homes!

Basement Flooding Cleanup Calls for Heavy-Duty Equipment – Call SERVPRO to Your Lafayette Home!

Water damage remediation has many working parts. Calling in a team to handle the water cleanup when you have basement flooding after a storm gets you results much faster than any DIY project could achieve. SERVPRO is available for water removal services and water damage repairs to bring your home back to pre-flooding condition quickly!

Stormwater extraction in Lafayette is something you need to begin as soon as possible. We have a water mitigation team ready to get to work with steps that include:

  • Worksite preparation, including setting up a staging area
  • Assessing the water and potential contamination levels
  • Protecting all workers and occupants
  • Putting engineering controls in place

Extraction of water begins, including powerful pumps to pull up standing water and any debris contained within. Our team has access to truck-mounted and portable extraction equipment that helps us to quickly remove excess water from your flooring, including carpets and the padding below. Depending on the nature of your storm damage and flooding, we also have tools to remove standing water that may have migrated into your HVAC system using a vacuum hose put into the supply and return ducts.

All stormwater extraction jobs get wrapped up with thorough drying and sanitization to keep foul odors and mildew from developing. Call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 when you need a crew at your door for emergency service!

Water Damage Remediation and Flood Damage Cleanup Go Hand-In-Hand

4/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration vehicle in front of home SERVPRO is available 24/7 to handle any storm damage that comes our way.

Lafayette Residents Trust SERVPRO to Handle Flood Damage Fast After a Storm Rolls Through

Located within Tippecanoe County in Indiana, the city of Lafayette is just a bit to the southeast of Chicago. Home to well-known Purdue University on the West Side, Lafayette is a bustling and ever-growing city.

Lafayette was founded initially along the Wabash River southeast bank in 1825. The original name for the settlement came from a Revolutionary War hero named Marquis de Lafayette. This area was also the first site for official airmail delivery within the United States, with the first drop being on August 17, 1859. In 1863, the Lafayette Fire Department received the first steam engine, followed by motorized fire engines, in 1911 after they took one to test independently. In

In the 20th century, Greater Lafayette's region became the first place within the entire state to receive internet when the college town connection got up and running.

There are many famous names that you may recognize that come from Lafayette, Indiana, including:

  • Axl Rose, singer for Guns n' Roses
  • Shannon Hoon, singer for Blind Melon
  • Claudia Lee, television actress
  • Sydney Pollack, director
  • Dustin Keller, football player
  • Jeremy Camp, rock singer

Exploring Some of the Activities That Lafayette Has to Offer

Whether you are looking to get out to enjoy nature, take a tour, or visit historical sites, there are many great things to see and do. Some of the top attractions and activities in Lafayette include:

  • Columbian Park Zoo– Located on Scott Street, this is a beautiful place to bring the entire family. Some of this Lafayette attraction's notable aspects include observation domes, a butterfly garden, a petting zoo, free-roaming animals, and play spaces for kids.
  • Tee Off Golf Driving Range –You will find this innovative driving range located on Memorial Parkway East, where you can practice your swing and explore an 18-hole virtual golf course.
  • Exploration Acres –Outdoor activities in good weather with the addition of special events during the fall season; this is what you will find at this destination on Newcastle Road. There are various activities for kids, like the tractor train, pedal carts, play area, and trike track. Fall brings the corn maze, hayrides, and pumpkin patch.

Why Are Dehumidifiers Part of Flood Damage Cleanup? SERVPRO Has the Right Equipment for All Lafayette Water Clean Up Jobs!

After a storm, calling SERVPRO to your Lafayette property ensures water removal services, moisture control, basement flooding cleanup, and drying. To facilitate the project, we bring a vast assortment of equipment to the job site.

For flood damage in Lafayette, some of the equipment we bring into a storm-ravaged property will be dehumidifiers. Some of the reasons a dehumidifier is imperative for any water damage restoration job to include:

  • They remove moisture from the air after evaporation.
  • Proper positioning circulates the air to facilitate drying.
  • Dehumidifiers offer a continuous source of valuable dry air.

Our SERVPRO of Lafayette crew uses unique formulas to ensure the right equipment gets used for all emergency services water damage calls. If you need help with flood damage after a storm, call us at (765) 420-0077.

Get Inspired This New Year with A West Lafayette ArtWalk

1/15/2021 (Permalink)

Painter’s palate with ‘Artwalk 2nd Saturday’ writing in middle SERVPRO can restore your storm damage while you enjoy Artwalk.

There Is Always Something New in The West Lafayette Art Community

January can be a cold and gray month, especially if there is wet and overcast. One idea to beat the winter blues is with an ArtWalk around Downtown Lafayette. 

ArtWalks are fun, relaxed events that are held every month in the Downtown Lafayette area.

  • Look around galleries, museums, art houses, and craft stores.
  • Explore the culturally rich Downtown district.
  • Browse exhibitions, sales, and more.

ArtWalks are free to attend and take place on the second Saturday of the month. Because each participating venue is in charge of its show, there is no end to the variety of events and exhibitions you can find.

ArtWalks start at 2 PM. There is no specific starting place – come to Downtown Lafayette with a spirit of adventure and see where your walk takes you. 

Artwalks take place rain or shine, so if the weather looks glum, be sure to bring your jacket. If the weather causes flood damage to your home, call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 for assistance.

Dealing with Floodwater is Something Lafayette, IN, Residents May Not Expect – Until an Emergency Strikes

12/3/2020 (Permalink)

Historical Record Book It’s on record. SERVPRO is your trusted choice for storm damage restoration.

SERVPRO Can Be at Your Lafayette Home ASAP After a Storm to Handle Flood Damage Cleanup

As the county seat of Tippecanoe County, Lafayette, Indiana, is situated just 63 miles to the northwest of the state's capital of Indianapolis. This city is also southeast of Chicago by about 105 miles and meshes communities with West Lafayette, home to the famous Purdue University. Together, these two cities make up the core of the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Lafayette, Indiana. As of the taking of the 2010 U. S. Census, Lafayette had a population of 67,140.

Lafayette, Indiana, Throughout the Years

Going back in time, the original people to inhabit Lafayette was the Quiatenon Indians. The French completed construction on Fort Quiatenon in 1717, which was used for Indians, merchants, and fur trappers. The city of Lafayette was marked in 1825 by a man named William Digby. The town itself was named as a tribute to General Lafayette – a man who fought in the American Revolutionary War as a member of the American army.

Along the Wabash River, there is a well-known shipping center that thrived throughout the early 1800s. When the construction of the Wabash and Erie Canal took place in the 1840s, it added a great deal to Lafayette's significance. The railroads' inset reached Lafayette in the mid-1850s that added to prominence, travel, and trade.

In addition to well-known Purdue University, this region is known for industrial activities. Lafayette is home to Wabash National, Eli Lilly and Company, and Alcoa, the Large Engine Division of Caterpillar Ind.

The Areas of Lafayette and West Lafayette are Known for Plenty of Historical Sites and Fun Spots to Make Memories with the Family

Throughout Lafayette and West Lafayette, nine great neighborhoods have spots listed within the National Register of Historic Places. Some of the significant locations for historic architecture include downtown Lafayette and the Ninth Street Historic District. In the middle of downtown, one architectural gem not to miss is the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. There is also the museum set up in the fully restored historical Five Points Fire Station.

There is the Moses Fowler House on South Street if you are interested in English Gothic architectural design. When it comes to the environment and agricultural history, the Prophetstown area includes land dedicated to Native American Heritage preservation. This land features a prairie, an old Indian village, and a lovely old farmstead.

Other significant points of interest in Lafayette include parks, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues such as:

Triple XXX – This is the oldest drive-in located in Indiana, which began operation back in 1929. Triple XXX was named after the house brand of root beer served here, which resides on the menu in addition to some of the best fries and old-fashioned burgers. This drive-in was also once featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri.

The Knickerbocker – The oldest bar in Indiana, the Knickerbocker was opened back in 1835 under the name Cherry Wood Bar. This bar has been known for patrons such as Neil Armstrong, Al Capone, President Grant, and Mark Twain.

Wolf Park – This is a non-profit research and education facility that dedicates time to wolves' conservation. On these 78 acres of land, you will have the ability to learn all about wolf-behavior, different species and take part in groups and unique interpretive programs.

Lafayette, IN, Also Has Quite a Few People from the Region that Took on Some Level of Celebrity Status

What would the world be without people who have shaped the way that we think or enjoy life? Some of the people who came from Lafayette made a name for themselves, including:

Emmett Kelley – Known as one of the greatest clowns ever to perform, Emmett Kelly is famous for his persona "Weary Willie."

Axl Rose – This famous singer and songwriter for the American rock band Guns N' Roses, given the name William Bruce Rose, Jr., was born and raised in Lafayette.

Sydney Pollack – Lafayette was also the hometown of this famous and award-winning actor, director, producer, and public figure. Throughout his career, he took part in producing and directing over 40 films.

Kermit the Frog – This frog, famous for the Muppet Show and a variety of movies, was named after Jim Henson's childhood friend and one of the professors of philosophy from Purdue University.

Astronauts – Not one but two of the 22 astronauts from Lafayette's Purdue University have been on the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut from the region to walk on the moon, and Eugene Cernan was the most recent.

Storms that Bring Wind and Heavy Rain Call for Flood Damage Restoration by Skilled Technicians – Count on SERVPRO to Assist with Cleanup of Your Lafayette Property

Whether you have water coming from a damaged roof after a storm or floodwater enters the ground level of your home, proper mitigation is crucial. SERVPRO arrives on-site for all flooding events to help Lafayette residents bring their interiors back to preloss condition. With a single phone call, we have crews ready 24/7 to arrive at your door within hours. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, meaning that you have IICRC-certified restoration professionals on the job and able to lessen the impact.

Once we arrive at your home after the call to help with flood damage in Lafayette, we will:

  • Assess all the damage, including the cause and extent
  • Detail all the damage and best practices for restoration solutions
  • Extract all standing floodwater from your interior
  • Commence drying of the structure and all contents, as needed
  • Utilize dehumidifiers and other powerful equipment that help us ensure no hidden moisture is left to cause secondary damage
  • Perform controlled demolition as necessary to replace unsalvageable materials
  • Deodorization and sanitization with EPA-registered anti-microbials to eliminate musty odors and bacteria

SERVPRO of Lafayette has you covered whenever you experience a storm that leaves behind destruction and flood damage. We can dispatch technicians to your property within hours of your call to (765) 420-0077. Once we arrive, we act quickly and guarantee our work to have peace of mind knowing your home gets back to normal, fast.

Where Can Homeowners Turn When Extreme Storm-Related Flooding Strikes in the Country's Heartland?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

Thunder, lightning, and rain during storm Did the recent storms cause water to enter your home? SERVPRO is always available to restore your home.

Successful Drying of Residential Flood Damage in Lafayette Requires SERVPRO Professionals to Control Four Key Factors Through Adherence to Restoration Industry Best Practices

Storm activity in Lafayette can deliver severe damage, including flooding, to your home. Extreme weather patterns seem increasingly common each year. When your home lies in the path of these natural disasters, you need help from a well-trained and equipped company specializing in storm-related flooding mitigation and remediation. Water can enter from exterior roof, window, or siding damage. It can also seep or flow inside your foundation when the ground becomes saturated, or overland flooding builds and inundates neighborhoods with contaminated fluids.

Why Is Aggressive Extraction of Liquid Water a Priority in Professional Flooding Response?

When we scope out the flood damage suffered by Lafayette homes, we know it is critical to have all hands-on deck to remove the fluids. Waiting for water to drain and moving to the structural drying phase too soon significantly lengthens the time it takes to dry building materials to pre-flood moisture levels. Extraction is 1200 times more effective than drying alone. Consequently, SERVPRO moves immediately to pumping and extraction with truck-mount and portable units after our project manager gives the green light after the safety assessment.

What Factors Help Hasten Drying Time?

Quick drying of flood damaged materials within 24 to 48 hours is crucial to halt deterioration and prevent secondary damage, such as mold damage. SERVPRO crews master the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training before working on your project, obtaining certifications as Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians. Training in the IICRC standards guide us to concentrate on achieving a balance among the following elements for the most effective drying strategy:

  • Temperature -- best results when spaces are maintained at 70° to 90° 
  • Amount of water to be evaporated -- the more extracted, the less needing dehumidification
  • Humidity -- relative humidity of more than 60 percent slows drying, and the goal range is 30 to 50 percent
  • Air movement -- continually sweeping air away from wet surfaces and exchanging warmer, dryer air for damp enhances drying efforts

Rely on the highly qualified team at SERVPRO of Lafayette when torrential rains and fierce winds bring thunderstorms, tornadoes, or even derechos and associated flood damage to your front door. Call us round the clock at (765) 420-0077 for professional flooding recovery after the storm.

Who Can Restore a Storm Wrecked Property?

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

Heavy rain and lightning on background Indiana is no stranger to strong storms. Call SERVPRO for fast remediation should your home flood.

SERVPRO Rapid Response Teams Can Assist with the Recovery of your Home and Contents after Flood Damage in Battle Ground.

How can I determine the full force of a storm or flood on my property?

The priority when dealing with storm-related property damage is to conduct a thorough assessment. SERVPRO is a national provider operating here in Battle Ground and the surrounding area. Our team of dedicated technicians can scope your home for potential hazards and issues that could cause lasting problems. Typically, scoping tasks answer questions about whether there are electrical hazards, where water has entered the property and prioritize which areas require immediate attention. We perform both restorative and mitigative procedures to ensure that no further harm occurs at the property. Restoration works can usually begin once safety hazards are neutralized, and removal of excess water in the property is complete.

What equipment is used to remove floodwaters from a property after a storm?

The primary equipment for restoring flood damage in your Battle Ground home is an extractor. Water extractors use centrifugal motion combined with a heating element and negative air pressure. These extractors are typically powered using truck-mounts, which allow for consistent, high-volume extraction from residential properties. If the source of water is confined to upper levels or there is roof damage, technicians can use smaller portable varieties of water extractor. A technician can identify exactly which type of extractor to use in your property by judging the extent of water intrusion and material construction. Carpeted properties usually benefit from specially weighted extractors to squeeze the moisture out of the fibers.

What types of water extractors are there?

  • Weighted extraction equipment
  • Portable water extractors with storage tanks of 30 to 40 gallons
  • Truck-mounted extractors with storage tanks of over 100 gallons

When a violent weather event affects your property, contact SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077.

More about Battle Ground.

Are My Floors Doomed After a Flood?

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

Hardwood flooring in hallway After water damaged this floor, we were able to make it, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Can Help Save Your Floors After a Flood in Your Lafayette Home

Flooding in Lafayette can damage much of your home. Your belongings, documents, and priceless memories can all suffer after a weather event invites water into your house. Deciding where to focus your energy after the incident can be overwhelming but calling a professional cleanup service lends expertise to your decision making.

Our neighbors in Lafayette suffering due to flood damage can call our SERVPRO team for expert advice. Are My Floors Doomed After a Flood? Because of our training and experience, we are ready to assess your home's levels of damage caused by outside water seeping into it. Our team reviews that damage to your structure and building elements just as it looks at your flooring, cabinets, and furniture. Even your documents can be part of the restoration process, all to disrupt your life as little as possible.

How do I know what I need to remove from my home after a flood?

When you rely on a professional service like SERVPRO, you gain insight into our expert opinion. We advise you on items we need to remove to protect your family and health as we measure moisture levels and use industry-grade tools to determine where water is hiding. Porous surfaces, including upholstery and carpets, are not salvageable, and we remove them to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in your home. In terms of flooring, we apply industry techniques to achieve the best results, which may include some of the following:

  • Adding air movers to restore relative humidity
  • Removing flooring finish if it is acting as a barrier to evaporation
  • Using polyethylene to create a drying chamber for hard-to-dry sections

Our SERVPRO of Lafayette is an invaluable resource when emergencies happen. Our team is devoted to mitigating your loss, and we are reachable 24/7 by calling us at (765) 420-0077. When you reach us, you can be sure that we are committed to leaving your home, "Like it never even happened."

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Do I Need Professional Cleanup Help to Remedy this Storm Damage?

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment setup on a concrete floor Spring and summer storms are here. Should floodwaters invade your home, call SERVPRO!

After Your Home Suffers Flood Damage, SERVPRO Arrives at Your Lafayette Home to Get to Work Fast!

Even if you try to protect your home from storm damage and flooding, there is no telling what Mother Nature has in store. With only a couple inches of water, there can be enough damage that the interior of your Lafayette home can face thousands in repair costs. However, calling in a team to promptly mitigate the situation and start restoration helps you to limit the loss and the costs involved for repair and replacement. We want you to know that SERVPRO is always available in the Lafayette area with 24/7 emergency restoration services!

How Does Your Team Handle a Flood Loss Call?

Once a storm leaves you with flooding in your home, you need to call us immediately to assess the flood damage in Lafayette. Floodwater falls in with category three water, which means that there is often a high potential for bacteria and contaminated debris that may lead to health hazards for you and your family.

When you call us for emergency flood restoration, we follow steps to mitigate microbial growth:

  • Quickly remove standing water using powerful pump extractors capable of pulling up thousands of gallons of debris-filled liquid.
  • Take away any contaminated materials, including carpeting or drywall.

What Happens After Contaminated Water and Materials Get Removed?

After our restoration professionals address these two elemental steps, we then have EPA-registered cleaning agents that allow us to control harmful bacteria found in the water and microbial growth. We know that using the right disinfectants helps to slow growth wherever our team suspects that contamination exists. You can count on our skilled IICRC-certified technicians to:

  • Remain mindful of all the product labeling on disinfectants, only applying them as specified and mixing the solution carefully.
  • Ensuring that cleaning agents contact all surface areas to disinfect thoroughly. These surfaces include building materials like walls, subflooring, and more.

Why Does My Home Need an Initial Assessment?

We perform a walkthrough of your home so that we can determine the flood loss zone. This walkthrough allows our crew to formulate a plan of action that includes all the right methods, equipment, and cleaning agents to get the job done. The extraction process begins to pull up as much moisture as we can. Once we remove water, we take the time to start the drying phase.

During the next phase, we follow along with several necessary steps. Drying includes placement of industrial-strength drying equipment that dries the interior rapidly. Just a sampling of the drying equipment that SERVPRO uses in a flood damage restoration situation includes:

  • High-powered industrial-strength fans
  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers

If it appears as though water infiltrated the walls or migrated behind baseboards, we have a range of structural drying equipment at our disposal, which allows our team to force air into and out of all wall cavities and other nooks and crannies that are hard to reach. Structural drying equipment easily overcomes air delivery systems' restrictions, helping us reach tight spaces where moisture often gets trapped. There are also several attachments that our technicians can use to redirect, filter, and manipulate the air to speed up drying times.

Can Carpeting be Saved After Flooding?

Floodwater in Lafayette poses a variety of problems due to contamination and potential health hazards. Our team thoroughly inspects and tests carpeting and the padding below to determine whether it is salvageable or if it must be removed and replaced. With many flood-loss events, carpeting and carpet padding need discarding before using special drying measures for the subfloor below. Full removal allows our team to dry the subfloor to inhibit the onset of fungal growth.

We Stop Odors Before They Start

With any water loss event, there is the potential of foul odors setting in. We treat each interior with care, ensuring that every surface gets dried by using professional moisture detection tools and sensors. We also have a range of deodorization tools that help with odor removal and control, such as:

  • Air scrubbers
  • Thermal foggers
  • Air filtration devices (AFT), and more

These tools are excellent for deodorization and improve the air quality throughout your home's interior. Air filtration devices work by layering filters to control air contaminants. The first layer helps grab particles and larger debris. The second layer consists of SERVPRO's Odor-Cleanz filter with a significant capture rate. The final tier includes a HEPA filter that removes 99.975 of particles and other contaminants from the air.

No matter what type of flood damage is in your home after a storm, you can count on our skilled technicians at SERVPRO of Lafayette to help with the restoration. Have a team deployed to your location as soon as possible to get started on cleanup by calling (765) 420-0077.

Can I Rely on SERVPRO When I have a Flood Damage In Dayton?

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

Rain falling, with a home and tree branch in the background.  Even if rainfall is not heavy enough to flood the area, rainwater can make its way into your home or office causing severe damage.

Yes, You Can Rely on SERVPRO for Any Size Flood Damage.

You can reduce health risks and additional losses when you are prepared to face natural disasters such as flood damage. For instance, when a flood occurs, drinking water sources are likely to be contaminated. Also, if water removal does not take place, then additional problems such as mold damage are likely to develop. We hope all homeowners, businesses, and communities around Dayton can use the opportunity presented this National Preparedness Month and master to face and reduce the resulting environmental and health risks.

If your Dayton property experiences flood damage, it is not safe to go back into the building since the floodwaters may cause electrical, structural and other related hazards. Our SERVPRO technicians can perform an inspection to determine whether it is safe to re-enter your home and put in place steps to protect your structure and items from additional damage. Not everyone has the experience and skills in electrical and construction work, so it is always advisable to work with professionals in the restoration industry.

It is the work of our SERVPRO technicians to turn off the gas and the electricity in your home. We also check for signs of sagging ceilings. We understand that wet wallboard or plaster is heavy and can cause accidents when it falls, so, we have to remove them when we are restoring your property. We also check for some furniture such as cabinets may also fall over. Removing pictures and mirrors from walls may also be necessary since they may fail to stay in position when the plaster is wet.

If there's standing water in the building, we have to use portable or truck-mounted extractors to remove it. The use of submersible pumps is also an option – though, we make use there are no sediments in the water to be pumped out using this technique. We are careful not to open swollen doors or windows forcefully. Breaking glass is not an option, we take out the molding and then remove the window sash from its position.

Rely on SERVPRO for Any Size Flood Damage

Spring is on its way and with the change of season comes excessive rain. Sometimes when it rains a lot in a short amount of time, water can get into your Dayton home. Even if the rain is not bad enough to flood the area, sometimes water from the outside still makes it into a room in your home.

Sometimes with old doors, seals do not seal correctly at the bottom of the door. If water leaks into your mudroom from your back door, SERVPRO's flood damage specialists in Dayton are always available to help you. At times, water damage that does not seem excessive gets overlooked.

If water makes its way into your mudroom, it is possible for it to cause more damage to your home than you think. Water can ruin your flooring material or walls. If not efficiently mitigated, water damaging other rooms is possible.

Anytime water from a rainstorm leaks into your home, it is a good idea to get the professionals at SERVPRO to help. As soon as we get a call, our team arrives at your house and begins to fix the water damage problem. The first step is to remove any furniture or objects that may get ruined when wet. The next step is to remove any standing water with extraction equipment. After all of the standing water is gone the walls and flooring materials get inspected and tested for moisture.

In some cases, rainwater seeping into your home damages your flooring and drywall. If this is the case, then the ruined material gets stripped out, and the rest of the building materials get dried. In other cases, drying the room that water got into is all that is needed. When drying, our IICRC certified restoration crews use sophisticated air movers and dehumidifiers to make sure that moisture levels are low enough so that mold cannot grow in the wet area.

Any time even a little bit of rainwater enters your house, the best solution is to call in the professionals. To prevent mold growth and other damage in the future call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 for help 24/7.

Click here for more on the city of Dayton.

What Additional Damage Types Does SERVPRO Handle with Flood Damage in Dayton?

4/17/2020 (Permalink)

A green home surrounded by standing water.   Flooding can cause widespread damage if allowed to remain for periods of time. Contact SERVPRO to quickly dry out your property and prevent mold.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Tackle Drying Out Your Property to Help Prevent Any Secondary Damages From Forming, Let us Explain More.

Some of the most expensive consequences of flood damage in Dayton may not even be from the flood itself. Many floods and storms create secondary problems and types of damage that can cause damage that is as bad or worse than anything caused by the dirty, tumultuous waters. SERVPRO exercises flexible and adaptable mitigation and restoration strategies to better handle unexpected developments and unpredictable situations in the aftermath of a flood and can help to counter any of these types of damage on top of our usual water removal and restoration procedures.

Floods and Fires

In some cases, the worst flood damage to a Dayton home may come not from the water, but from a fire. Floods can start fires in many different ways, and often, rainfall and humidity fail to put out the flames before they engulf a home. Lightning can strike the home, electronics can short circuit and cause electrical fires, and any blazes on nearby properties or tree lines may carry over onto your property. SERVPRO is fully certified to handle fire damage of any severity alongside other restorative processes.

Physical Damage

Some floods can cause significant physical damage to a home by crashing objects into one another. Heavy objects can be picked up inside the home or brought in from the outside to wreak havoc, and trees and light posts can sometimes crash down from above and tear holes in your home's exterior. We provide tarping services to handle many of these situations and can develop solid plans to repair any additional issues we encounter.


Mold thrives after an area floods, as it can find ample supplies of water and nutrients to start new colonies and begin to grow under ideal circumstances. Stopping mold can be a challenge, requiring careful attention, rigorous sanitization, and targeted mitigation practices to achieve success. We act fast to dry your home and eliminate the threat of mold if possible and take care of its effects if not.

SERVPRO of Lafayette is prepared to help you deal with any flooding that comes your way, with 24/7 fast responses to calls from across the local area. Give us a call at (765) 420-0077.

Click here for more information on the city of Dayton.

When Storms or Floods hit Tippecanoe County, SERVPRO is ready!

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

uprooted tree falling on home Our highly trained crews are ready to respond 24/7 to storm or flood damage in Tippecanoe County.

SERVPRO ofLafayette specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit Tippecanoe County, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

How Professionals Restore Flood Damage in Lafayette

3/4/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used on water damaged hardwood floor Don’t do it alone. We have the equipment to dry your flood damaged home. Call us today!

Seek Expert Help to Restore your Lafayette Home After Flood Damage 

Homes in Lafayette are susceptible to sustaining flood damage during the rainy season. Property owners might not be familiar with the damages that a flood can cause. A good understanding of the materials that flooding can affect helps ensure effective remediation and restoration.

It is essential to work restoration experts in dealing with flood damage in your Lafayette home. SERVPRO franchise professionals provide restoration services for flood-damaged structures and contents. Flood damage can worsen as time passes, and that’s why we respond to emergency calls quickly. We also complete the restoration process quickly to minimize disruption to the lifestyles of our clients.

When you look at the flood damage in your house, you may underestimate the extent of the cleanup process. Cleaning up your home may require more effort and time than you initially expected. Water can compromise the integrity of your carpets, walls, ceiling, and furniture. If you attempt to perform the cleanup yourself, it is easy to miss crucial areas that are hard to reach. Leave this project to our restorers for the best outcome.

After a flood, your carpet can soak much filthy water that not only makes it dirty but also encourages bacteria mold to grow on or beneath it. Our crew can remove the carpet because it is challenging to eliminate hazardous microorganisms from porous materials. We have suitable carpet tools for disengaging the carpet and pad, separating seams and reinstalling carpeting, padding, and seams.

Floodwater can also affect your floors and walls. If your home has a wooden floor, there is a high likelihood that concrete composes its base. Bricks or other materials like wood also lose their structural integrity when they soak water. Our team can take steps to remove the floodwater quickly so prevent further damage like warping and cupping of wood flooring. 

We use advanced cleaning tools and strategies to clean up a house. Our experts know which detergents to use depending on the materials we are cleaning. We also follow the label directions on the professional cleaning products.

Our SERVPRO crew can also dry your home thoroughly using air movers and dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers emit hot, dry air that can dry hard to reach, wet areas like pillars and walls. We feel satisfied to see our relieved customers by the time we complete our flood restoration services. Our team goes beyond the norms to make a house livable again and ensure everyone living in it is safe.

Do not panic after flooding takes place in your West Lafayette, Indian Village, or Battle Ground home. Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 for help. We work on a 24-hour basis and can handle your emergency. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How SERVPRO Utilizes Extractors to Remove Water from Flood Damaged Lafayette Homes

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Drying Equipment on water damaged floor Floods are a year-round threat in Indiana. When water damaged this home, SERVPRO mobilized and quickly dried the water.

The Role of Extractors in Lafayette Flood Recovery 

As you might suspect, water loss incidents in Lafayette homes require numerous tools and products to restore entirely. Because many of these disasters can present threats like standing water or saturated structural elements, the role of extractors in the recovery of a water-damaged residence cannot get overstated. Our SERVPRO professionals must determine the best tools for the specific needs of the property, and we have numerous extraction units to choose for these varying factors. 

Finding the right extraction tool for a given situation often happens in the earliest mitigation stages where our team assesses flood damage to Lafayette homes while performing emergency services that can reduce overall loss to the property. Among these tasks to protect your property from continued damages is the removal of surface water present throughout the house. Multiple extraction tools can help in this regard, and in the restoration phases to follow. 

Portable Extractors 

Clean water incidents can often be what our SERVPRO team faces after a flood loss. With several inches, or feet of standing water to contend with, the ideal choice for our restorers is our portable electric submersible pump. These pumps can offer a quiet and continued draw of water from the damaged area, but with only a 2-inch discharge hose, it is not ideal for the removal of standing water with debris or solids. 

Larger Extraction Units 

Our gas-powered trash pumps and extractor trucks can help when solids and debris are a likely threat to the standing water in the house. These are equally powerful tools to the electric sump pump, though they have a shorter discharge line before losing prime, so their application is selective. 

Specialty Water Removal 

Weighted extractors and light wands are ideal for removing water trapped in the fibers of carpets and the padding beneath this layer. We use weighted extractors to squeeze these layers against the subflooring to force moisture to the surface for removal. Light wands offer a high-powered suction against carpeting to remove the bulk of moisture present and are an ideal choice when padding beneath carpets is to get removed. 

Our SERVPRO of Lafayette team has dozens of extraction units of all shapes and sizes to help restore our home after a flood loss. Give us a call anytime at (765) 420-0077. 

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We Can Assist You With Your Storm Damage Emergency In Lafayette

10/29/2019 (Permalink)

Brown couch floating in brown water and water seeping up the drywall Call our crew if your home experiences damage from a flood

Let Us Help You with Flooding and Storm Damage in Lafayette

After a major storm and flooding, there is a limited timeline for drying and extraction to commence before significant damage takes hold. Remedy flood damage quickly when you contact professionals to help with the delicate steps of the process. SERVPRO features trained technicians with proven strategies for addressing wet, damp spaces throughout your home.

The quicker our flood damage professionals in Lafayette can get to work, the less damage is incurred. When there is a situation involving water damage and potential contamination, the severity amplifies the longer that you wait to call for help. SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster, meaning that we can get to work as soon as possible. Our customers in the Lafayette area deserve prompt results for all flooding and storm damage needs.

SERVPRO technicians use several strategies for identifying and drying the moisture located within structural cavities. Our initial phase includes the use of thermal imagery and infrared technology to identify dampened areas. The temperature differences tell us where moisture pockets are, giving us precise locations for focusing our drying efforts. We also use positive and negative pressure depending on the potential contamination and damage present within the home.

With positive pressure methods, the air is pushed into the cavity to help with drying a specific area. This can be achieved with a heated or non-heated air mover with or without an Injectidry device. Negative pressure methods pull the moisture out of the desired cavity and help to protect against contamination. To get into an impacted cavity, our trained professionals can implement small drill holes within the baseboard, called weep holes. In the event of groundwater contamination, this Black Water dictates the removal of wet materials such as dry wood panels.

No matter how challenging the flood and storm damage task may be, you can trust in the team at SERVPRO to have your best interests in mind. Our staff works to protect your home as well as the occupants, which means moving quickly to hinder rapid mold growth. Call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077, and we can send a team out to your property as soon as possible to get started.

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Lafayette Flood Restoration Professionals Talk About the Science Behind The Applied Structural Drying Process

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fans and dehumidifiers running in a bedroom with a concrete floor Do you know how to calculate the number of air movers and dehumidifiers required to dry your home? SERVPRO does!

Flood Damage Gurus from Lafayette Spell Out How To Calculate Dehumidifiers

Any time a storm comes through town, it is possible that someone's property suffers from flood damage. Thunderstorms that make their way into the Lafayette region can create excessive rainfall and hard-hitting winds. If the rain builds up outdoors, it can find its way into your home through your door seals and from the ground underneath your building. Alternatively, if the wind blows a tree branch into your house, water can enter. 

Whenever we work on mitigating flood damage at your Lafayette residence, our SERVPRO technicians determine the best methods to remove moisture from your structure as quickly as possible. To start, our crew uses heavy-duty extraction equipment to pull up as much water as we can while it is still in its liquid form. Next, we begin the applied structural drying or ASD process. 

The main goal when conducting ASD is to create an environment inside your house that is conducive to rapid structural drying. We often accomplish this task by setting up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. The air movers create circulation that pushes wet air away from wet surfaces so that more water can evaporate. The dehumidifiers then pull the moisture out of the air while at the same time giving warm, dry air back to the air movers to use in the air circulation system. 

However, the correct ratio of air movers to dehumidifiers is vital to the success of the ASD process.  Too many air movers create moist air and drying can slow down. Conversely, too many dehumidifiers per air movers pull out too much moisture and crack wooden items. 

We assess the nature of the environment and capacity of the dehumidifiers to determine the number used for each project. The amount of porous, absorbent items in the affected room determines environmental nature. If there are thick carpets and many pieces of upholstered furniture in the affected area, then more dehumidifiers could be needed.

Dehumidifier capacity, measured in two ways, is listed in each manual. First, the machines measure how many cubic feet of air the dehumidifier conditions every minute. Secondly, the capacity of the units measures the number of pints of water removed in 24 hours under standard conditions of 80°F and 60% relative humidity.

The bottom line is that the professionals best handle problems created by storms. Any time you need restoration services, call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077.

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Our Flood Damage Experts Discuss The Basics Of Restoration Used By Professionals In Lafayette

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

living room with couch and chair floating in a pool of water You can count on our experts to handle any size flooding disaster in your home

Flood Damage Crews In Lafayette Mention Some Basics Of Restoration Used By Professionals

Whenever stormy weather arrives in your Lafayette subdivision, excessive moisture can enter your structure. Once items inside your townhome get wet, more flood damage can take place. If you ever notice water entering your townhouse’s building, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO immediately. We can provide prompt service and begin mitigation efforts quickly.

However, there are some steps you can take yourself to help mitigate the flood damage inside your Lafayette home. By knowing some of the basics of mitigation, you the homeowner can do a lot to help save your building materials and contents. The extent of the problems created after a storm have to do both with how much water entered the structure and how long it sat there before getting removed.

The first step to successful mitigation is to stop the water from coming into your townhome. Using sandbags or rags to stop the water can be effective. If there is a visible hole where moisture is entering, you can seal it off with plastic and tape.

Once you have stopped all of the water coming into your building from the outside, it is wise to begin removing moisture. Water gets removed from your building materials and contents either by extraction or evaporation. Extraction usually begins first because water can be vacuumed up at a faster rate than it can be evaporated even when using professional equipment.

When removing excess water, you can use either a vacuum or a pump, depending on how deep it is. If there are more than two inches of standing water, it is smart to use a submersible pump to remove it. Once the standing water gets pumped out, you can then use a wet vacuum to suck up the rest of the excessive moisture.

Next, it is a good idea to remove as much moisture from your carpets as possible. When our SERVPRO technicians extract water from carpets, we use a heavy-duty extractor with a wet pump. But, you can also remove a decent amount of moisture from your carpeting materials using a little bit of elbow grease and your wet vac.

If your townhouse in Indian Village, Dayton, or Ash Grove ever suffers from damage caused by a violent storm, call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077. Our General Contractor License means we can make things “Like it never even happened.”

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When the Wabash River Washes into Your Lafayette Home

8/1/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lafayette has the experience and equipment necessary to dry your flood damaged home.

Flood Damage Removal And Restoration For Lafayette Homes

Maybe not as well-known as another city with the same name, Lafayette residents here still have to deal with flooding after extreme weather causes the Wabash River to crest.

Lafayette flood damage in our state may not be as overwhelming as elsewhere, but SERVPRO restoration teams still train for the worst while hoping for the best. Each team carries a group of certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians or WRTs that can draw out water, clean all surfaces, and dry the home.

Since this is outside water, it contains soil, fertilizers, and dozens of other contaminants. Team members have to reduce health risk before taking care of the home. They start by spraying the surface of all standing water with an anti-bacterial agent. That includes everything from two inches of water in the basement to the small puddles dotting the floor of the laundry room.

SERVPRO WRTs then bring in pumps and other water extraction devices to clear the home of water. For levels about two inches or higher, they start with commercial-grade pumps that quickly clear out basements and the rest of the home. Once the water is down to just covering the surface, technicians switch to the smaller extractors. They can adjust the speed of these devices to work on everything from concrete garage floors to living rooms carpets.

Now the teams remove property too damaged for restoration. Paper items such as books and magazines can fall apart in a short time, and we cannot dry them to their original state. Since the floodwater contains contaminants, our teams cannot guarantee the safety of the carpet even after cleaning. After removing the water to reduce the weight of it, team members carefully dispose of the carpet and pad underneath it.

Next, the team sets up dehumidifiers, fans, and air movers to draw moisture from the air and force it out of affected surfaces like wood floors and drywall. Team members can adjust the rate of each device to take advantage of the humidity level and dry the structural property without accidentally causing secondary damage during the process.

As the home dries, other team specialists clean all flooded surfaces. Depending on the type of surface and the amount of soil and other contaminants remaining, they use everything from a mild cleaner on garage walls to a strong sterilant that kills nearly all organic material in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Lafayette is to return each home to its original, dry state before the flood. To start the restoration process here or in Battle Ground, Indian Village, and West Lafayette, call us at (765) 420-0077 today to schedule a service call.

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At Last, An Efficient and Easy Way For Flood Damage Remediation in Lafayette

5/18/2019 (Permalink)

Flood damage can takeover an entire basement rapidly. Don't handle it alone, contact SERVPRO today.

Worn Seal on Storm Door Lets in Flood Damage in Lafayette Home

The reality of flood damage is that it is an experience that you can plan for, but not prevent. There are numerous ways water can enter a home from storms such as a damaged roof, broken window due to high winds or hail and groundwater flooding. Since flash floods and violent storms are no strangers to this part of the state, fast action is the key to minimizing water loss to both your home and contents.

SERVPRO received a call from a Lafayette homeowner that had flood damage from heavy storms that came through the area. A flash flood brought water in around a worn seal around the storm door and soaked about half of the living room.

Because groundwater is considered a category three biohazard, it should always have professional mitigation for both health and safety reasons. We arrived on site quickly and removed the saturated area rug in the living room and extracted the remaining water.

We scoped the room to confirm the extent of the water loss and to determine exactly where the flood water migrated to. Our probes showed no extra moisture present in the subflooring or behind the baseboards and we confirmed with thermal imaging water had not wicked into the sheetrock.

Water touched only the legs of the furnishings in the room, so we placed them on blocks to avoid too much disruption in the home and got them ready for drying.

We use high-velocity air movers to pull deeply rooted moisture from within the flooring and contents and pull it to the surface. Once there, our dehumidifiers collect the moisture, and ports out of the room.  This process repeats until the room has met the drying goals established by our techs. Afterward, we clean and disinfect to ensure the home is sanitary for habitation.

SERVPRO of Lafayette knows flood damage can be an overwhelming experience. Our emergency response teams are ready to handle the mitigation of your water loss with both compassion and expertise. Call us at (765) 420-0077, and we can be onsite within hours for cleanup of any size.

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Our Fast Response Will Save Your Flood Damaged Home In Lafayette

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Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 now.

Emergency Response For Flood Damage In Lafayette

Flash flooding can be destructive to your home and property causing both structural damages as well as harming your contents. These natural phenomena can occur due to heavy rainfall, road overflow, back up sewage points or storm. When it happens, it is out of the control of the homeowner so making sure you keep a backup of a professional remediation service is vital to ensure you limit potential, or permanent, losses.

We pride ourselves on our speedy resolutions to homeowners suffering from flood damage in Lafayette. Not only do we operate an emergency response line twenty-four hours a day, but we also have rapid response units with technicians on call for precisely these events. On receiving your notification of loss, we can send a highly trained team immediately.

In flood scenarios, time is a crucial factor. All types of water carry microbes which can migrate throughout your home rapidly. On top of that, any pre-existing damages that may not be a problem can be absorbed transforming clean water into damaging grey or black water. The most effective way to mitigate against this process is by responding quickly and deploying equipment that can remove standing water in the minimum time.

Generally speaking, when water is more than two inches from the floor SERVPRO can use gas-powered pumps. These pumps, which are fully-submersible, can be connected to an open sewer point and are capable of removing limitless amounts of water. In less severe scenarios we can deploy water extraction units which are also practical and kind to structural contents like carpets and fittings.

The removal of excess water inevitably leads to increases in the humidity levels of your property. Most restoration equipment uses hot air or circulation as a catalyst for evaporation. Unfortunately, the evaporated moisture remains in the air which, in a heated home, can create ideal conditions for mold growth.SERVPRO can tackle this issue by creating an open system- exchanging humid indoor air for the drier outdoor air through ventilation. Alternatively, we can deploy dehumidifiers that utilize desiccant chemicals to draw moisture out of the air.

By dealing with both the immediate problems and applying preventative measures against secondary damages our crew can help you get your property back to preloss conditions. Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 now.

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Safety Is Crucial During Our Flood Damage Mitigation Process In Your West Lafayette Home

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Call our 24-hour service line number, and we promise our prompt arrival, as we are always Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Staying Safe Throughout Flood Damage Mitigation in West Lafayette

Having all four seasons in West Lafayette never prevents our area from surprising us with unseasonal weather. Hail is never uncommon, and neither are sudden rainstorms, even in the winter. Days with temperatures over freezing can cause isolated disasters after the skies pour too much rain onto our city.

When your neighborhood's drains cannot keep up with the amount of rain falling, your West Lafayette home could experience flood damage. SERVPRO's technicians can make things right again, “Like it never even happened,” so your family can move forward and forget about the disaster. We handle every step of mitigating the damage caused by invasive, filthy water, so you can relax and not worry about the possible dangers involved in working with contaminated objects.

We know how to not only make your home safe while we work by eliminating immediate dangers but also by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Because of the elevated humidity in the house that happens after flooding events, we wear respirator masks to reduce any health effects caused by airborne microbes. This is just as important as our gloves, boots, and protective suits.

As we steadily work toward eliminating the dangers in your home, we also engage in reducing the damage. We clean a significant number of belongings, so they do not become more damaged. We cut away soaked wallboard and set up air movers and desiccant machines. We also run several air scrubbers to rid your house of as many microbes as possible, significantly reducing the risk of mold growth and subsequent damage. When we finish with all of our work, your home should have new carpeting, freshly painted walls, and no trace of the last disaster.

SERVPRO of Lafayette works in Buck Creek, Ash Grove, and Battle Ground, always ready and able to help your family recover quickly after flood damage and other disasters. Call our 24-hour service line number, (765) 420-0077, and we promise our prompt arrival, as we are always Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Indian Village Property Owners Know SERVPRO Mitigates Flood Damage with Rapid Humidity Action

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Specific Humidity Is a Key Component of Flood Damage Control and Mitigation in Indian Village -- SERVPRO

Using an LGR Dehumidifier After a Flood Loss in Indian Village

The weather is a very unpredictable force. It can bring heavy rain, storm, and tornadoes to your location without any warning. If you experience a significant flood in your area, then you know how devastating that it can be. Flood damage can be quite expensive because the water from the flood often come from the sewage system. This origination means that the water is contaminated by toxins, bacteria, feces, and other contaminants. With this in mind, it would be wise to get a water restoration specialist to restore your home.
Removing water and sanitizing your home after flood damage in Indian Village can require some advanced technology and equipment. The LGR dehumidifier is one of the best out there. It is a low grain refrigerant device that uses condensation through cold to remove water vapor. This enhancement can promote a more efficient drying system that can create a lower humidity environment, dropping the RH relative humidity along with the SH specific humidity.
The SERVPRO water restoration technician often utilizes the LGR to create an optimal drying time. The goal is to get as much moisture out of the air so it can reduce the drying procedure. Keep in mind that the faster you get water out of any home environment, the less damage that it can cause. This situation is why it is essential to get one of the best drying equipment out there. Since water from the flood contains many contaminants, it can travel to the moisture in the air and cause more pollution. There is a balancing act that requires monitoring of the drying process. Some materials like wood flooring can split if the moisture extraction is too abrupt. Once the restoration process is completed, the technicians can walk you through your home to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Give SERVPRO of Lafayette a call at (765) 420-0077, and we can promptly arrive and begin the water extraction and restoration service.

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Ice Dams Can Cause Damage To Your Dayton Home

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Ice damming is a situation that traps melting snow onto your roof, both increasing the size of the dam and giving water no runoff points.

Ice Damming Can Allow Flooding in Your Dayton Home

With winter coming quickly for the Dayton area, many homeowners look towards the season to bring heavy snowfall that sits atop their roof. While often this snow merely melts away without incident, certain circumstances can allow for substantial damage to your house if it does not get dealt with immediately. Ice damming is a situation that traps melting snow onto your roof, both increasing the size of the dam and giving water no runoff points.

When ice damming affects your Dayton home, the resulting trapped water looks for an outlet to penetrate into your house, often causing flood damages. Since the flooding occurs in the attic space of your house, many homeowners do not even know there is a concern until that water spreads through the floors below. Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly in the face of an emergency like this to help you mitigate your losses and get the restoration process started as promptly as possible.

From the moment that our dedicated professionals arrive at your address, we get to work on assessing the damage that the property has sustained. This inspection can help us to determine at-risk items and locations throughout the property requiring specific attention or action to preserve in the early mitigation steps. Contents of your home can get removed to a safe location for individual cleaning and drying efforts and get returned upon the restoration completion.

Our franchise does not just claim that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, we strive to be just that. With a team of highly trained personnel available to customers 24 hours a day, even on holidays, we provide the services that you need exactly when you need them. This focus can ensure that flood water in your home gets extracted quickly and the right steps get taken to restore your property entirely.

Flooding can happen from multiple sources, but overcoming these effects is not something that a homeowner can expect to do on their own. Our SERVPRO of Lafayette water restoration technicians are standing by 24/7 to help. Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (765) 420-0077.

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More Intense Storms Can Mean Flood Damage And A Pack Out In Dayton

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When waters rise in the basement or lower levels of your Dayton home the flood damage does not limit itself to the structural components of your home.

More Intense Storms Can Mean Flood Damage

It is common today to hear forecasters and news anchors to mention storms in the Dayton area are more intense than average. The “100-year” rainfall may recur just a few years later. Homeowners can find that they need to anticipate a new normal, experiencing flooding more often than in the past. Our highly-qualified team of flood damage specialists can help.

When waters rise in the basement or lower levels of your Dayton home the flood damage does not limit itself to the structural components of your dwelling. If you like many other homeowners use a basement as a storage area, you might want to consult with us about our inventory and pack out services.

Hiring SERVPRO to assist with the many tasks that follow flood damage is cost effective for many different reasons. We document your claim and work with your insurance company to be sure you receive compensation to the extent of your contract. Our team trains in inventorying your possessions and our production facility is a safe place to assess the damage and employ a range of flood damage restoration techniques.

If you inspect and evaluate your flood water soaked possessions without our help your conclusion can be that the entire lot must be discarded. SERVPRO flood damage specialists possess an impressive array of strategies that remove the water, clean away debris, and neutralize odors. Our team restores many items you despaired of recovering, saving you money and preserving cherished memories.

The key to efficient flood damage recovery of stored possessions is a speedy response. As the seconds, minutes, and hours tick, it becomes less and less likely all items can be saved. SERVPRO pledges to be Faster To Any-Sized Disaster, so do not delay calling our experienced team.

Of course, while some of our SERVPRO team members inventory and pack, others begin removing the flood waters from your home. We use state-of-the-art tools and our IICRC training to rid your home of the flood waters as well as drying our all surfaces. Special meters and scanners help us find hidden moisture that we remove with techniques learned at industry best practices training and on other jobs. Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers dry out your home, restoring the spaces where your possessions soon return as well.

Use all the skills that the technicians and managers at SERVPRO of Lafayette bring to a home flooding scenario. We answer at (765) 420-0077 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and we look forward to helping with your flooding disaster.

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Flood Damage and Your Upholstered Furniture in Dayton

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If flood waters have gotten into your favorite couch, it's time to contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation services. Call right away.

SERVPRO Technicians React Quickly to Your Call for Help After Flooding

Every time there is more rain than the drainage systems can handle in Dayton, there can be flooding. There is sometimes heavy rain for a short period that results in these floods. Other times, there could be light rain for many days and even weeks that can also cause floods. Rivers can also overflow to create flooding. When there is more upstream water than usual, you may see this. As the flow goes down to the lower areas which are nearby, a surge occurs, and an overflow into the land occurs.
No matter the cause of the flooding, if floodwaters have invaded your home and caused flood damage in Dayton, you want to act quickly. The longer there is standing water in your home, the more damage it causes to your structure and belongings. SERVPRO is always ready to help you no matter the time of day in a situation like this. As a professionally trained remediation company, we can help you in a fast and efficient manner.
When it comes to your furniture, we check for several things when looking at any upholstered items. Framing is wood and can, therefore, swell and crack. Framing joints can weaken when this happens. Plus, moisture can cause glues to break down. Fabrics which are only meant to be dry cleaned can spot from the water, which means the whole piece may need to be wetted to avoid permanent lines from the water.
Often when wet, the dust cover bleeds, and if it sags, it can then stain carpeting or flooring. The metal backing on buttons can also cause rust staining. SERVPRO uses spot removal procedures in cases like this. Mildew growth is another concern, which is why we attempt to remove the floodwaters as fast as possible. Dehumidifiers and air movers lessen the drying time of upholstered furniture.
We treat all furniture stains, wetting the entire piece if necessary. The buttons and zippers are dried to avoid rust, and we place waxed paper between the cushion and zipper to stop the transfer of rust. Furniture pads are placed around metal buttons to avoid the transfer of rust. We can also tent the cushions and put in place dehumidifiers and air movers as needed.
When dealing with flooding, SERVPRO of Lafayette works efficiently to not only dry out your home in Colburn, Ash Grove, or Indian Village, but to salvage as many of your items, including furniture, that is possible as well. Give us a call as soon as possible at (765) 420-0077 so we can help you get dried out again.

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Removal of Flood Damage Prepares Battle Ground Homes for Complete Restoration

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SERVPRO professionals have the skills and equipment to restore your home after flood damage "Like it never even happened."

Rely on SERVPRO for Thorough Flood Damage Remediation Services

With the many streams and rivers near Battle Ground, flooding can happen almost anywhere. When such a catastrophe happens, flooding can cause extensive damage to area homes and businesses.

Homes in Battle Ground which sustain flood damage can regain their former conditions through professional mitigation services. SERVPRO technicians can assist homeowners with damaged homes, starting with removing any standing water via large pump trucks.

We continue this extraction of water, changing to smaller sized equipment. Some materials, however, require removal, followed by replacement of similar ones. As we remove and dispose of waterlogged materials in your property, we keep a sharp eye out for any safety issues that also require attention. Ensuring we remove all damaged items from your property protects you and your family from these additional dangers.

This danger is particularly relevant when it involves removal of the carpeting. Tacks and other sharp debris can easily escape detection unless workers thoroughly examine the area for such items and remove them. This happens in almost every flooded home because of the severe damage such carpeting sustains while underwater. The pathogen load deposited, by itself, renders such carpeting a hazardous material, unsuited for restoration efforts. Replacing with new remains the most cost-effective option.

As we remove such items like drywall, our IICRC certified technicians take care to do so correctly, so restoration can occur without any need to tidy up our work. Leaving only smooth, clean lines and solid framework beams, restoration can proceed as soon as we finish.

We must also take into consideration any waterlogged personal belongings that require attention. We clean these items, so they pose no risk to your family. Hard materials such as toys and many other housewares can easily come clean with hand tools on-site, never needing to leave your home. We understand that a flood is a traumatic time for any family, so avoiding any unnecessary stress can help immensely during your recovery time.

SERVPRO of Lafayette understands the needs of those living in our community and want to work for the benefit of your family. Whenever an emergency involving flood damage or other harm that befalls your home, call us at (765) 420-0077, anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. We are here to make the event's damages disappear, “Like it never even happened.”

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Extreme Weather Patterns Cause Flood Damage in Battle Ground

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Sometimes rainwater just overtakes your home. If that happens, contact SERVPRO and we will dry out, remediate and restore your property.

Our Technicians Expertly Remove Any Type of Water That Has Flooded Your Home

The daily news more and more frequently references severe weather, including torrential rainfalls, in almost all areas of the country. Battle Ground is no exception, experiencing flash flooding that affects residents’ homes and businesses. Coping with the damage flooding brings is made much more manageable when our highly-qualified crews work with you during the aftermath.
A weather phenomenon known as “training” describes the situation where heavy rainstorms line up and repeatedly saturate the area around a town like Battle Ground. Flood damage eventually occurs as the soil can no longer hold the water. Highways, streets, parking lots, and driveways become covered with the excess water, and homes find their foundations and basements filling with moisture. We watch the weather like the rest of our community and are ready to jump into action if your home needs water removal, sanitization, and drying after flooding.
Complicating the effect of rainwater are the broad range of contaminants it picks up as it flows toward and into your home. During a flash flooding event, it is also likely that area storm sewers are overwhelmed, increasing the possibility that your main drain backs up and floods your home from the inside as well. SERVPRO crews receive advanced training in mitigating contaminated flood waters regardless of their source.
SERVPRO’s gray and black water experts, certified by mastery of the industry standard’s IICRC coursework, safely identify, contain, remove, and discard flood waters containing hazardous substances. The items that taint flood waters are many -- animal carcasses and other debris, lawn and paving chemicals, and whatever hazardous materials you may store in your flooded areas, including household cleaners, paints, fertilizers, and much more. Sewage by definition contains human waste, and the feces, urine, and other substances contain viruses, bacteria, and other blood and fluid-borne pathogens.
Our truck mounted pumps and extractors allow for fast evacuation of the contaminated water. SERVPRO crews are well-versed in local health codes and dispose of the dirty water as required by law. We then sanitize the affected areas and determine drying goals based on moisture measurements. Our advanced scanning equipment finds any hidden recesses holding water, and we use proven strategies such as wand extraction from above, the drilling of holes in mortar joints, or removal of sections of walls to release and remove the water.
Industrial high-efficiency air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers advance the process toward achieving the drying goals. Continuous monitoring of moisture levels ensures we dry your structure and fixtures thoroughly, avoiding the issues of mold damage or further deterioration of building materials or contents.
We await your call to (765) 420-0077, answered 24 hours a day, year round. SERVPRO of Lafayette takes pride in its trained and experienced work crews, and we are confident that efforts on your behalf successfully return your home to pre-flood condition.

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Dealing with Flood Damage in Your Lafayette Office Building

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Say no to flood damage and say yes to SERVPRO restoration.

Your Commercial Property Can Be Restored with SERVPRO's Trained Team

Office buildings can flood at any time from storms. Office losses from flood damage can be enormous, damaging furniture and office equipment, computer files and paper records, plus loss of income when the event causes you to have to shut down your business. Any of this can have a grave effect on your company’s finances, plus create time-consuming tasks for some of your employees.

The cost of flood damage in your Lafayette office building includes repairing and replacing items which are damaged and are detrimental to the operation of your business, plus the cost of the extraction of the water, cleanup, and renovation of your water damaged structure. SERVPRO is the one to call in your time of need. We can extract all the water in a timely fashion with industrial tools and can help to dry many items in your office. For drying out the insides of electrical equipment such as computers, we use the help of other trained professionals.

Many times, your insurance can take care of the restoration costs, and our technicians at SERVPRO help you by calling your insurance company for you. We understand that you have a lot to deal with at this time, so we try and take any pressure off you that we can. In this way, you can care for your employees’ needs and the needs of your business itself.

Besides financial consequences, secondary water damage in your office building like poor indoor air quality and mold growth can create adverse health effects that are dangerous for your employees. Our trained professionals also know to search for mold growth, even hidden mold, by using special moisture meters. If mold is found, we thoroughly clean that as well before we complete our flood damage remediation process.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When flood damage strikes your office building, don’t hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Lafayette as soon as possible. Secondary damage such as mold growth can occur in as little as 24 to 48 hours, so give us a call at (765) 420-0077 right away.

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Choose Your Lafayette Flood Damage Contractor With Care

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Get your flooding disaster handled quickly by the trained technicians at SERVPRO. Prevent any secondary damage with a fast call to our operators.

Our Technicians are Standing By Ready to Tackle Your Flooding Emergency

Heavy rains combined with overflowing waterways in Indiana this spring contributed to homeowners experiencing flooding in low-lying areas and basements. Living through a flooding catastrophe is frightening and frustrating. SERVPRO offers professional guidance and services to get you through this disaster safely and with a restored structure and recovered belongings.
Waters from both torrential rains and swollen rivers enter your basement, causing flood damage to your Lafayette home. Flood waters have the potential for significant contamination from creatures and substances caught in the overflow. The materials surrounding your home, including dirt, chemicals, and much more, dirty the flood, requiring quick cleanup by a licensed and certified water damage restoration company. Non-professionals risk exposing residents to serious health hazards from improperly managed tainted water and debris. Our staff receives the needed training to extract and dispose of water filled with possibly infectious waste.
Several inches of river and rainwater in the lower level of your house poses the following concerns. First, the water, with its contaminants, needs to be pumped and extracted from your foundation. If your electricity is unavailable because of downed wires or the possibility of electrocution because your outlets and wiring are underwater our truck mounted equipment is a real plus. Second, the affected areas undergo evaluation for microbial growth and infiltration with unsafe levels of chemicals and human or animal contaminants.
Next, experienced technicians clean and disinfect the spaces that were underwater. Some structures and items respond well to SERVPRO’s sanitizing products and restoration to preloss condition proceeds. Other, usually porous, articles and fixtures may require removal and replacement for safety. We work with you and your insurance company to make the correct determinations to return your home to a healthy and comfortable condition.
Many of your neighbors may be struggling with flood damage as well. You need a company like SERVPRO on your side during this trying time when a large number of flooding victims seek assistance. We have access to a scalable workforce and additional equipment through our network of fellow franchisees, permitting us to respond immediately to your flood damage problems.
Flood damage devastates your home and SERVPRO of Lafayette is ready to respond fast to return normalcy to your life. Call us at (765) 420-0077 right away and expect our crew to arrive within hours to set things right.

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Homes In Indian Village Looking For Help With Flood Damage

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Indian Village Flood Removal Is Fast When You Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Supplies Restoration to Damage Caused by Flooding in Indian Village

On occasion, mother nature leaves us standing staring blankly at the horizon as her latest storm pounds the local area. The truth that water can pose a severe risk to our property and the safety of our loved ones is very sobering.

What would you do if water or flood damage struck your Indian Village home? Do you think it is possible, or just a worry for someone else? While the risks of certain types of disasters can vary widely depending on location, the potential of causing devastating damage still exists, and practically everyone is susceptible to at least one form of flooding.
Whether you are affected by a massive storm, causing flood waters to penetrate your building, or roof leaks allow water to enter the unprotected areas of your home, the threat still exists, and professional restoration services are your best chance of recovery.
When dealing with flood damage in your home, a speedy response is crucial. Stopping whatever water source is causing the wetness, drying the affected areas and cleaning the entire space are essential if you want to have a chance of stopping the cascade of water and ancillary damages.
SERVPRO technicians offer you 24-hour emergency services, responding to your call within four hours and beginning your restoration as soon as possible. We understand how every second counts and our dedicated Applied Structural Drying Technicians jump into action, with all of the equipment, training, and expertise to help identify the damage and provide the necessary mitigation services.
SERVPRO starts by inspecting your property and assessing the damage so that we can create a safe, effective plan for dealing with your restoration. We often take photographs. Next, we identify the type of water on your property and begin protecting your belongings and the contents of your home from further damage.
SERVPRO technicians use a combination of advanced technology and expertise to extract as much water as possible and begin the drying and dehumidification process immediately. As well as performing any cleaning, deodorization, and disinfecting, and repairs necessary to return your property to a quality pre-damage condition.
We have the ability to restore a variety of items, including some personal treasures you may have thought destroyed in flood waters. We work diligently to restore your property and stop water from causing major damage to your home.
Learn more about what unattended water damage can do to your home, explore our certifications, or discover more about our flood damage restoration services by calling SERVPRO of Lafayette today. (765) 420-0077

Dealing with Flood Damage to Your Childhood Home in Indian Village

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

When flooding affects the family home, call SERVPRO to remediate.

Local SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Remediate Damage from a Flood

The many rivers, lakes, and streams of Indiana are often favorite places for recreation. The same nearby lake where you went swimming two summers ago, or the stream where you found that arrowhead when you crossed it while out hiking with friends as a kid can also turn into the source of a nasty nightmare for your parents when the water floods into your childhood home.
The homes in Indian Village which have suffered flood damage are not safe to live in, and won't be until clean up is completed. SERVPRO is always ready when you need us, and we have the skills to ensure that your home will not only look safe and clean, but it will also be safe and clean again when we are done. We will treat your parents' home with the same diligent care and respect we would give to our own parents' homes.
Flooding causes such extensive damage, so it is highly unlikely that your parents would be able to remain in the home during clean up. Because of this, we will always be extra careful to ensure that those items that might be heirlooms or precious memories are cared for in a manner that is most conducive to their preservation and restoration. While photographs are extremely damaged by even the slightest amount of water, we will do our best to attempt to preserve them as best we can. There are photograph restoration facilities that we can refer you to if you would like, but results can vary greatly from one photo to the next.
As we place your parents' things in containers for safekeeping, we sort between damaged and undamaged. Those items that are damaged are further classified into different levels of damage. All medications and personal identifications we find are placed in separate containers so they are easy for your parents to gain access to, should they need anything. After we have boxed up everything in their home, we will then begin the process of finishing up the drying out, cleaning, and repairing that is required.
We know that your parents will want to return home as soon as they can and we want to help make this possible. In addition to being certified by the IICRC, our employees are also bonded and insured. When you allow someone to work inside your or your parents' home, you deserve a company who is reliable with trustworthy employees. We always work to exceed your expectations.
When you need someone trustworthy to restore a home you love after flood damage has revealed itself, you should call the trusted experts in your area. Call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (765) 420-0077 when you want things repaired and restored so everything is “Like it never even happened.”

Flood Damage Restoration Services In Lafayette

12/8/2016 (Permalink)

Don't let flooding leave you under water! Call SERVPRO today!

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Will Quickly Dry Your Property

Get the professional services and highly-trained personnel that you need to restore your home or commercial property the right way. Don't take the chances of residing within a property that you own that has been affected by flood damage. Without the proper attention, there could be severe consequences that any regular person is simply not ready to deal with generally. Professional services are available to you that will assist with restoring the devastation to your property and help you with getting things back to normal quickly and professionally.
Call on our expertly trained professional technicians near your home in Lafayette who specialize in flood damage restoration. We train hard and respond fast to provide you with the services that you need. The water might have receded, but the work has just begun, give us the opportunity to assist you with putting things back together. We're only a phone call away, take advantage of our flood damage restoration services as soon as possible to avoid secondary damage to your property.
SERVPRO technicians are specially trained to help with every facet of your repair process. We provide you with the services that you need to handle any size disaster that strikes your property. Services such as 24- hour emergency response, water removal, advanced drying, remediation, cleaning, and restoration are all available to our customers. You won't need to call anyone else in to finish the repairs to your property; we're a one-stop resource, able to provide you with all of the services you need.
SERVPRO has locally owned and operated resources that work with you and your insurance company to get the work done right, quickly and efficiently restoring your property, "Like it never even happened." We can identify areas with hidden moisture and even help you restore the belongings you thought lost forever due to flood damage. Giving you the ability to restore more valuables and personal items that made your property a home.
SERVPRO responds immediately and walks you through the entire process. Our cleaning process involves getting into those hard to reach places where hazards like to linger. Preventing any future damage to your property and returning your property to a quality pre-damage condition.
Put out professional services to work for you today, it all starts with a simple phone call to our offices at SERVPRO of Lafayette. (765) 420-0077